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Ufone Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Bundles

Ufone is the Pakistan telecom operator who was launched in 2001 with the brand name of Ufone. Ufone is the GSM Cellular Of the Pakistan country. Ufone is providing its amazing service around the Pakistan before many years. Ufone became its part of etisalat in 2006. Ufone internet packages are not expensive or not heavy, These packages are available in the normal list.

Ufone Internet Packages

Daily, Weekly and monthly prepaid internet packages discussion will be explained here. You will learn here about Ufone internet packages with step by step.

Ufone Daily 3G/4G Internet Packages (Prepaid)

Daily Light, Daily heavy, Special daily bucket and mega internet bucket called Ufone daily packages for Ufone prepaid users. Daily light Is the first daily net package, where you can get 40 MB plus ( 500 MB For social like Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter line).  In daily heavy offer, Ufone will provide you 75 MB plus ( 500 MB for WhatsApp, Facebook and twitter line). Also, all daily packages are best and valuable for everyone users of Ufone.

3 Days Bucket

This offer just valid for 3 days. Using this offer you can use internet for 3 days on your Ufone sim. This offer helps to you will get 100 MB ( 500 MB For facebook, WhatsApp and twitter line. It is different from all  Ufone net packages like daily, Weekly and monthly internet packages of Ufone.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Weekly light, Super internet and weekly plus are available in the list of Ufone weekly internet packages. In Ufone weekly offer Ufone will provide you 250 MB just for 7 days that’s mean 1 week. Super internet offer helps to get 1.2GB also for 7 days. All weekly internet packages are also best and valuable for you, If you are user of Ufone sim.

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