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How to make Merrick bank payment

Merrick bank is approved by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. It provides online access, checking credit statements, and making payments. Merrick banks have three parts to access your account and making payments.

  1. Credit cards.
  2. RV, Boats and Horse trailer loans.
  3. Personal loans.

These have three separate methods to make a payment for each one. The Merrick Bank Payments are so secure and easy. Just visit full guide Article.

1.Credit cardsĀ 

If a consumer wants to make a payment through credits cards then he will have to use following method

  • Online payments: one can make his payments online by enrolling himself in Merrick banks online credits and become a cardholder. When he will become Visa card holder he can make his payments online anytime from anywhere.
  • If you have already an online account you can log in to your account just by putting your username or email and password which was given you at the of registration.
  • You can make payments by using mobile app of Merrick bank and giving them your credit card details.
  • You can also make payment through USPS Mail box of Merrick bank by sending details to post box number 660702. Dallas, TX 75266-0702.

this was payments method using credit cards.

2.Personal Loans:

Merrick bank provides personal loans. If someone have got and want to make his payments by using personal loans then he have also have following steps to make his payments.

  • Personal loan holder can make his payments online. But for online payments he have register himself in online portal of Merrick bank. He will have to provide his necessary data for enrollment.
  • After enrollment he can log into his account and make his payment.
  • Consumer can make his payment by using phone number of Merrick bank but they will give some personal detail to make payment successful. The phone number is 1-833-842-7900 this is toll free number and no charges will be taken from consumer.
  • Consumer can also make payment of personal loans by using USPS Mail. Which is Post Box number 660203,Dallas,TX 75266-0203.

3.RV, Boat & Horse Trailer loans:

If you want to make payment of Trailer loans then you can also choose.

  • Online method: by enrolling yourself and logging into your account for getting Merrick RV loans
  • Through USPS Mail box which is P.O.Box 660880 Dallas TX 75266-0880.
  • By using phone number 1-888-545-5777 but it charge 10 dollars for each call.
  • You can make payment through Money Gram by using receiver code 5244.