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Civil Id Status

Civil ID is a identity card of kuwait. And this is very compulsory for everyone to keep this themselves when they go out of home. This Civil Id is very important document for everyone and this is manage online. And you can keep this updated this when this expired.

Civil Id Status

Civil Id Status
Civil Id Status

This id card is one of the best identity card in the world and this must be updated when this expired. Every country has its own id card and also rules and regulations. You must need to update and also you can check your fine through this id card easily. Any type of violation when you done in the country then you can face many fine and violation and then you need to check about fine. And then you can done this job easily through your id card.

Civil ID Renewal Procedure

You can renew your id card easily through online system in just short period of time by following some steps. And these steps are not difficult you need to visit renewal procedure and then follow all instructions which re given their. This is very easy through online system you can done this job on your mobile or computer easily. And there is not a need any type of extra skill to renew your id just you need to do all steps by given instructions.

Check Expiry Date

you can also check expiry date of your id easily on mobile or computer through online system. For this purpose you need to follow these instructions and then you can check expiry date of your id easily.

civil id is important document and this need to keep active always and for this purpose you need to always check ll detail about your id card on daily basis. Specially the expiry date of this card and fine on your civil id.

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Mobily 3G/4G packages

Hi dear welcome to our site, here we will discuss about mobile internet packages with complete detail. And also we will discuss about all procedure of these internet packages activation on mobile. This network is user-friendly. And gives better facilities to his customers. Therefore in all over the country people who use this network in the country. So you can see here activation codes of these internet packages. And also you will be able to see all internet packages here.

Mobily 3G/4G packages

Mobily 3G/4G Packages
Mobily 3G/4G Packages

Let’s come and discuss about mobily 3G and 4G detail. With the help of all the procedure to activate these internet package on mobile. You can done this job easily and in just short period of time. All 3D and 4G internet packages you can used or dial code on mobile. This network provides 3G and 4G internet packages in cheap rates to has users.

Mobily App

And now dears Come and Discuss about Mobily app. Mobily Internet Packages are in Cheap Rates and in Hgih Rate of Bundle.

Dears you can see all detail packages on your mobile using this app. This app has superb interface and easily understandable for all people. You can use this app on your mobile easily through this link. Mobily App


This is one of the best internet provider in the country. And all users can take many benefits using these internet packages. Internet is a better facility to communicate with people.This network provides internet data high speed.

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Ufone Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Bundles

Ufone is the Pakistan telecom operator who was launched in 2001 with the brand name of Ufone. Ufone is the GSM Cellular Of the Pakistan country. Ufone is providing its amazing service around the Pakistan before many years. Ufone became its part of etisalat in 2006. Ufone internet packages are not expensive or not heavy, These packages are available in the normal list.

Ufone Internet Packages

Daily, Weekly and monthly prepaid internet packages discussion will be explained here. You will learn here about Ufone internet packages with step by step.

Ufone Daily 3G/4G Internet Packages (Prepaid)

Daily Light, Daily heavy, Special daily bucket and mega internet bucket called Ufone daily packages for Ufone prepaid users. Daily light Is the first daily net package, where you can get 40 MB plus ( 500 MB For social like Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter line).  In daily heavy offer, Ufone will provide you 75 MB plus ( 500 MB for WhatsApp, Facebook and twitter line). Also, all daily packages are best and valuable for everyone users of Ufone.

3 Days Bucket

This offer just valid for 3 days. Using this offer you can use internet for 3 days on your Ufone sim. This offer helps to you will get 100 MB ( 500 MB For facebook, WhatsApp and twitter line. It is different from all  Ufone net packages like daily, Weekly and monthly internet packages of Ufone.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Weekly light, Super internet and weekly plus are available in the list of Ufone weekly internet packages. In Ufone weekly offer Ufone will provide you 250 MB just for 7 days that’s mean 1 week. Super internet offer helps to get 1.2GB also for 7 days. All weekly internet packages are also best and valuable for you, If you are user of Ufone sim.

Click on Ufone Internet Packages, After clicking here you will redirect on another site, Which provide your more information of All Ufone internet packages. Also You see these packages details and other service of Ufone On My Ufone App.

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What is my mail pillow offer

In this topic you will know about the Mymail pillow offer. The Mymail pillow offer is that, for example, if Mymail offers you the duck feathers having a price of about 15 euros and then can get those for 1450 euros. It means that if you use the nectar points then you can get the 80% off of those pillows. And My mail pillow offers are those offers which are available on the discount or on the low prices when you do mail rewards login.

If you are a member of Mymail then you have many chances to get those offers which are given by the my mail pillow offer. And when you can use your nectar points then you can purchase many things at a very low cost. So this is the best and useful benefit of my mail pillow offer.

And if you do not want to use your nectar points  then you can also get a discount on things which are available on the daily mail rewards. It means that you can use the nectar points then you can get 80% off of those pillows. And in my mail pillow offer, the company never said its products would not slightly sink after extended use.

But the pillow is still made extremely well and it is definitely the most comfortable pillow which I have come across to date. And these rewards can only be got through the daily mail newspaper which has to buy daily bases and if you buy daily newspaper then you will get the many unique numbers on your daily bases in the mail app with Nectar points login

And the one thing is important for the daily subscribers of the newspaper of the daily rewards that they can get the more offers and they have many more chances to earn the nectar points with the discounts and on the other prizes and these nectar points have some limited period. So guys this was the full detail and information about the my mail pillow offer above and I hope you can understand in a simple and easy way.

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How to make Merrick bank payment

Merrick bank is approved by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. It provides online access, checking credit statements, and making payments. Merrick banks have three parts to access your account and making payments.

  1. Credit cards.
  2. RV, Boats and Horse trailer loans.
  3. Personal loans.

These have three separate methods to make a payment for each one. The Merrick Bank Payments are so secure and easy. Just visit full guide Article.

1.Credit cards 

If a consumer wants to make a payment through credits cards then he will have to use following method

  • Online payments: one can make his payments online by enrolling himself in Merrick banks online credits and become a cardholder. When he will become Visa card holder he can make his payments online anytime from anywhere.
  • If you have already an online account you can log in to your account just by putting your username or email and password which was given you at the of registration.
  • You can make payments by using mobile app of Merrick bank and giving them your credit card details.
  • You can also make payment through USPS Mail box of Merrick bank by sending details to post box number 660702. Dallas, TX 75266-0702.

this was payments method using credit cards.

2.Personal Loans:

Merrick bank provides personal loans. If someone have got and want to make his payments by using personal loans then he have also have following steps to make his payments.

  • Personal loan holder can make his payments online. But for online payments he have register himself in online portal of Merrick bank. He will have to provide his necessary data for enrollment.
  • After enrollment he can log into his account and make his payment.
  • Consumer can make his payment by using phone number of Merrick bank but they will give some personal detail to make payment successful. The phone number is 1-833-842-7900 this is toll free number and no charges will be taken from consumer.
  • Consumer can also make payment of personal loans by using USPS Mail. Which is Post Box number 660203,Dallas,TX 75266-0203.

3.RV, Boat & Horse Trailer loans:

If you want to make payment of Trailer loans then you can also choose.

  • Online method: by enrolling yourself and logging into your account for getting Merrick RV loans
  • Through USPS Mail box which is P.O.Box 660880 Dallas TX 75266-0880.
  • By using phone number 1-888-545-5777 but it charge 10 dollars for each call.
  • You can make payment through Money Gram by using receiver code 5244.
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How To Check Iqama Expiry Status 2020

Good news for You here is the solution and easy latest 2020 Method to check the status of Your iqama and expiry. Many peoples wondering to find a new and easy way to know about their Iqama.

In this article, One new method and one old method will be discussed with complete details. Peoples can easily check their status by following one of the given methods. The Details and step by step procedure will be discussed here.

If you follow all the instructions then you can easily find details without facing any difficulty. So this is the best and easy thing for you to follow our guidelines.

Before 2020 Mostly peoples check iqama details on the Moi website of Government. The Moi is the Government website that is only for the peoples of Saudi Arabia. But in 2020 a new method comes because of the moi showing problem sometimes. Check Iqama Expiry Date and Status here

This concern, the Government designed new and special best things for Expats peoples to check their iqama status. So This new and easy method will be available here with complete details.

What is Iqama Expiry?

Basically iqama expiry is the finalized, end or finish date or living permission or iqama in Saudi Arabia. So this is very important for each and every worker of Saudi Arabia who living for work in KSA.

The step by step and full explained process about the method of checking and understanding about it will be discussed here with complete details.

How To check the iqama Expiry date?

Iqama Expiry Status

Now the question is how to check the expiry date of iqama. So friends very easy and simple method is here to solve your problem. First of all, You need to install the Absher app From the Play store. This is the latest android app that especially for ex-pats peoples to check the status.

After the installation clicks to open it and find a new user option. The New user option is necessary for all new peoples. If you already have an account of Absher then you simply need to click n sign-in button, When the Dashboard option comes, click on the iqama expiry option and check the status with iqama number.

Now the procedure is for the new users. Click on a new user option and fill the required information that is mandatory to put before registration Like the iqama number, Your Name, Phone number and also Gmail account. Captcha option is also necessary for all of you to create an account.

Fill the captcha and submit to register your account. Verification code comes in your number, verify this to complete and make your registration 100% confirm.

Now open the dashboard and fine the expiry date option and write your iqama number and click to check it. Now your status is on your mobile phone screen. this is an easy and latest way to check the iqama expiry date.